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About Us

We are a husband and wife team that started Diamond Stiletto. Like in any successful marriage, I, the wife, am the CEO and gets to call the shots. My husband, my greatest assistant, helps polish and finish off my selfish dreams, making my dreams into realities.

We work together to bring the best products we can find at the most affordable prices for our customers. All the product photos on our site were taken by my husband. And yes, that’s me; I’m the model. They are not reused stock photos from the internet. We work with our suppliers to make sure our products are as good of quality as they seem in the photos. That means sizing and cut are as depicted.

We are located in Northern California. We import and carry all our products ourselves. We don’t drop ship because we want to make sure of the quality of every item we sell and ship to our customers.

We started Diamond Stiletto in June 2017 on Etsy. 6 months later we created this website. All our customers were happy with the quality of goods we provided; however, due to the limitations of Etsy’s website, we knew creating our own website was needed.

We created Diamond Stiletto for many reasons. When my husband and I got married, we found out how expensive wedding was. I wanted to have a lavish wedding but, like most people, we didn’t have a big budget. Since I enjoy doing arts and crafts, I ended up doing a lot of DIYs for our wedding. Not only that I did a lot of bargain hunting and research to get the best deals. After we got married, many of our friends got engaged and I helped them put together and plan bachelorettes and weddings. After doing a bunch of “research,” my husband called it shopping, I decided I wanted to start Diamond Stiletto to help other couples to achieve their perfect wedding.

We came up with “Diamond Stiletto” because I alway wished I was a Disney Princess. One of my all time favorite Disney princess is Cinderella. Anyways, as you know, the icon of Cinderella is her glass slipper that reunites her with her prince. We thought that would be a great icon for us since we wanted to help couples celebrate finding their true love. To be honest, I’m not much of a slipper girl. I alway love super high stilettos. And nowadays, most wedding start with a Diamond, so I decided instead of Glass Slipper, I want it to be called Diamond Stiletto.